Smart electronic door lock was born as a highlight marking the development of 4.0 technology, applied in security and security industry, bringing countless utilities to users. However, how about specific please join us to find out more information below.

Traditional door locks are no longer safe

Recently, according to the report of the security agency, there have been more and more reports of burglary theft due to the "unlocking" of the traditional door, especially the burglary cases caused by the family's absence.

In addition to security, traditional door locks are also outdated compared to modern life. Some common shortcomings such as missing a key, leaving it in the house or having to create many keys for many family members can make it difficult to manage. Safer and more convenient with smart electronic lock

Completely overcome the disadvantages of traditional mechanical lock, smart electronic door lock is considered the most security solution today:

• Security technology: Cast by monolithic alloy, tempered face enhances durability and endurance. When there is any sign of prying or breaking any door, immediately there will be a notice sent to the landlord's phone.

• Convenience to use: With the way to open the door using codes, magnetic cards, you do not need to carry the key with the glass, not worrying about forgetting keys, losing keys, forging keys.

• Safe in all cases: in dangerous situations such as a fire or incident, the door will automatically open so you can escape without complicated keys like traditional door locks.

• Diversity of models: Smart door locks on the market are quite diverse with many different designs, it is easy for you to choose which products are really right for you.

Should choose to buy smart electronic door lock where?

In the smart electronic door lock products recently became familiar with Vietnamese people, not only due to the quality, price but also the designs that are suitable with the habit of using household appliances. Neolock electronic door lock is one of the most popular lock brands today. Neolock's warranty conforms to International standards, Neolock products are warranted for 12 months.

Neolock is proud to bring to the market products that are safe, secure, secure and convenient for our customers.

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