The hotel magnetic card system is an effective solution for your hotel management to become simpler, more efficient and more accurate. We would like to introduce to you the card system in detail through this article, this is definitely a topic of concern for those who are in need of hotel management with magnetic card lock. 1, What parts does the magnetic card system for hotels include? Hotel magnetic card lock system does not use mechanical key to open like many other traditional locks, magnetic card door lock uses magnetic card as the authentication method to open the door, is composed of the following parts: -To use the hotel magnetic card system, the computer installs Intelio hotel management software or its locking software. -Record reading device connected to the computer via USB Use to create a card when a guest checks in at the front desk - Can use many card creation devices in case of large rooms Check information at service points such as restaurant, massage, gym ...- Customers choose. - Magnetic card with your logo & hotel / resort information printed

-Equipment attached to the elevator (in case you only use the elevator pass) - Customers choose. -Locking the magnetic card matching the door at the hotel / resort -Energy saving devices (Guests use the card to turn on the electric system in the room) - Customers choose. -The device that takes data on the entrance and exit of the card in the card system for the hotel ensures to check the opening and closing time of a certain room - Customers choose.

2, Features and features of hotel card lock system? In the high-class hotels, almost 100% have installed the electronic door lock for the hotel, it brings convenience, modernity and intelligence to make the hotel management simple. Preferred by the following features and characteristics: - Time management The hotel magnetic card system has a real-time clock that helps calculate the smart card's validity period. For example, a customer card can only be unlocked for a pre-registered period of time. Expired, the disabled card cannot be opened until the extension of time. This feature will prevent guests from checking out at the reception time.

- Restricted area Each key card in the hotel magnetic card system is registered room number, floor number, building number. The card must be registered in the corresponding area to unlock it. This is also one of the features that help enhance the security of the hotel management system. - Limited level Different levels of important decentralized cards can be opened in different ranges and states. For example, an emergency card can open all locks, including the lock being disabled from the system, the guest card can only be opened in one room and cannot be opened if that room lock is disabled. - Data saving Each time the lock is opened, it will record the serial number and the time of unlocking, depending on the lock company, it can save a certain number of times. This data can be accessed for management and statistics. Opening history stored in the software will help in cases of theft of assets to track down the culprit. => Maybe you are interested in: Where the card is lost If a card is lost, report it to the card counter. On the management software, staff will issue lost cards and issue new cards. Lost cards will be deactivated and cannot be opened. This is a remarkable advantage of the solution of unlocking by magnetic card compared to traditional mechanical lock Emergency function In case of an emergency, the emergency card can be used to reset the door lock in the card system from the hotel to manage personnel and assets. Function closed If necessary, the door locker can be closed, all cards cannot be opened (except for emergency cards).

Set up public functions On demand, it is possible to place the magnetic card lock in public, which means that everyone can open the door, use it in the event of an event, many people come in and out continuously. Sharing the article about the introduction of the magnetic card system for 4.0-star hotels, Neolock hopes to help readers who have added their knowledge and installed a card lock system for their hotels to confirm. luxury. You can also refer to the card locking products from the hotel here: Or call us at Hotline: 0902 978 179 to receive promotion information. Trade as well as the latest quotes. Contact Neolock right away to get a lockout pattern that best suits your hotel style! For more information, please contact Neolock Address: 47/25 Trần Quốc Toản, Phường 8, District 3, Hồ Chí Minh Hotline: 0902 978 179 - 0986 435 388 Technical hotline: 0886 895 313 Email: